Join this transformational journey into the heart of your business

Soul Aligned Business CAMP

July 14-21, 2024

Romania, David Resort (Rucăr, Argeș)

Female Entrepreneurs & Female professional freelancers

Price: 5500 RON (by 15th of June 2024)

Looking for a way out?

If you are a female entrepreneur and you feel overwhelmed, tired, suffocated by never-ending to-do lists, if you feel that you are running around the clock and time is more of an enemy than a friend, if you feel lost, confused, trapped in difficult financial situations, going round in circles, not knowing what else you can do after trying everything with no results and if you are looking for a way out…


Let me tell you what is possible for you:

  • it is possible to reach a comfortable financial, mental, and emotional state that allows you to be creative    
  • it is possible to redesign your branding, your marketing, and your selling strategies so they can match Who you are
  • it is possible to step into your financial flow and never again be needy in the relationship with your clients 
  • it is possible to serve only dream clients if this is who you want to serve
  • it is possible to feel safe all the time and cultivate a strong faith in your heart that will back you up when life takes a different course

Let me tell you what else is possible for you:

  • it is possible to lay back and trust this higher intelligence cosmic consciousness do its magic for you in your business
  • it is possible to quantum jump from the current version of Self to the next version of Self just as easily as you go to sleep overnight
  • it is possible to effortlessly become Who you were always meant to be: the successful, unapologetic female entrepreneur who makes a difference in her client's lives 

How did ”Soul Aligned Business” come into being:

This program is a fruition of my own entrepreneurial journey. I created it out of necessity. After years of hard entrepreneurship, I HAD TO CHANGE the way I was doing things. 

I was a solopreneur, a mom of two recently divorced, and literally on my own. My life was so hard that I couldn't carry the weight of my business anymore. My personal life was a mess and my only salvation was my business. My business became the partner I would rely on and The One to support my life.

The dark night of my soul lasted for almost one year and during this time I restructured and redesigned my business from its core. I intuitively knew that there had to be another way than the one I was on. It took me another three years to put it all together. 

My professional background:

My professional background allowed me to understand how businesses work. I am a strategic marketer, a professional communicator, and a PR specialist. I understand the anatomy of a business and how it works in its environment at a global level. But what I was looking into had nothing to do with the outside but with the inside. I was curious to look into the energetic architecture of a business, to get to its core. 

My passion for spirituality and metaphysics was the driving force that allowed me to discover the invisible side of all things, including in business. I had the privilege to work with some of the most renowned psychics in the world and I immersed myself into the knowledge of the invisible. I studied the laws of the Universe, quantum physics, the theories of the multiverse and omniverse (co-existing parallel universes), and the correlation of all things through quantum entanglement to understand the greater forces of the Universe and how these forces influence our lives and businesses from the simplest to the most complex levels.

My quest was to figure out a simple, practical, and effective method and practical ways that would help entrepreneurs get back into the flow, connect them with the soul of their business, tap into their inner wisdom, and bring them closer to the core of their mission while doing their entrepreneurial activities with a sense of ease, pleasure, comfort, and wellbeing.

Your business has a rhythm:

If nothing worked by now and you haven't seen the results you were waiting for, it's because you listen to others more than you listen to yourself. Your business has a heart and your job is to align your heartbeat with hers. Your business is alive! Take her pulse instead of taking the market's pulse. Feel it, listen to it, follow it, and tune into it! 

Your business knows better how to fulfill its own destiny, who is meant to serve, and how it is meant to thrive. 

”Soul Aligned Business” is my way to serve female soul-driven entrepreneurs to align their business to their soul. I have experienced myself how misalignment feels in business when:

  • you serve clients that have nothing in common with you
  • you charge fees that are way below the value you are bringing
  • you use marketing strategies that don't represent you at all
  • you sell in ways that make you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed
  • you follow ”success” recipes that you know and feel will never work for you 

From misalignment to alignment:

Here's how I accomplished to get from misalignment to total alignment in my business (just a few tips): 

  • I decided to serve only soulmate clients instead of any clients 
  • I took full responsibility for my financial situation and made it my own and I never again blamed my clients for not paying me enough
  • I went from separateness to connection in my relationship with my clients to the point where I literally fell in love with them
  • I allowed myself to do as much or as little marketing as possible around my programs depending only on how comfortable that was for me
  • when I launch I never follow someone's rules or recipe, I only follow my heart and my intuition 

Here's what you'll learn in the 7 days:


The focus of this day will be on YOU: your mind, your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your beliefs, your vision of the world, your frequency and your vibration in relationship with the Universe. How YOU function from the more simple to the more complex levels. We will dive into the magnificence of the atomic and subatomic world and you will be able to expand your awareness to the highest levels of consciousness understanding the principles and laws that govern our existence.


The focus of this day will be on your business, from an energetic perspective. Matter is condensed energy. Before coming into form everything was just a thought. A thought is energy in its purest form. Our thoughts, feelings and vibration mold energy in every nano-second. Reality responds to the frequencies we are vibrating at and that is how our life's circumstances, events, situations and experiences take form. If you want to change anything in your business start with changing the energies that created the thing in the first place. 


The focus of this day will be on Your Clients. This topic is my FAVORITE one as there is a lot of pain and misunderstanding around the subject. The most common belief is that we depend on our clients and this makes us needy, addicted, yes-persons, and sweet-talkers which makes us repellent to the market. We need our clients just as much as they need us, we have something they want. We need to understand that we are not in this business for money, but purpose. We are here to serve because it gives us pleasure.


The focus of this day will be on Your Money. Most businesses are bleeding because of how wrong entrepreneurs relate to money. Money is just an exchange of energy. We will tap into the energetics of money in order to understand how money flows as energy before anything else. Money responds directly to your energy in a higher proportion than it responds to your actions. Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, the stories you tell yourself about money are directly reflected into your bank account. 


The focus of this day will be on clearing, releasing and letting go of everything in your energy that blocks you from stepping into your next version of Self. Our energy needs to be pure, clean, bright and sparkling. We are living in a Multiverse and there are infinite versions of Self in every Universe: there is the unsuccessful version of Self, the successful version of Self,  the version of Self who lives in poverty and the version of Self who lives an abundant life. All possibilities are available at all times and it's just a matter of tuning into the version of Self that matches the life of your dreams. Your personal energy holds the key that allows you to jump from one Universe to the other.


The focus of this day will be on what creates your image in the market: the way you show up, the way clients perceive you, the way you market your products or services and the way you sell. You will be able to get to the core of your brand message, to understand how marketing works at a deep energetic level and to get rid of all the shame or discomfort of selling yourself. Selling is the most common issue especially for female entrepreneurs. If your branding and your marketing is perfectly reflecting the value that you are bringing to the market, selling should come naturally.


Time and Space are fluid concepts and can be shaped by human consciousness; this unique quality allows us to create environments that change according to our needs. Our perception of time reflects our experience with Time. If we see Time as our enemy and we run around the clock all day long, our life will be perceived as a battle and we will feel exhausted and drained. Instead, if we see Time as our Ally and our friend we will gain Time on our side. Time and Space can be expanded, extended and magnified or they can be compressed, reduced or concentrated.

Georgiana Vasilescu

I was only 25 years old when I started my first business, it was an event company with world-renowned speakers. I had two business partners and our first guest was Bob Proctor, one of the world's pioneers in personal development featured in the documentary „The Secret”.

I continued my activity in personal and spiritual development for 13 years as a student and as a trainer and coach at the same time. I was a mentee in many mentorship world-renowned programs and attended training following the teachings of Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Frank Kern, Russel Branson, Grant Cardone, Dan Lok, and many others.

The information was amazing, I devoured their teachings and I applied everything I had learned in my businesses at the time and I did get results.

But something was wrong…

I always felt something was missing. I didn't know what at the time but I could feel it in my body. I felt exhausted and I ended up in burnout.

It took me 3 years to recover my physical health, my mental health, and my vitality. 

One day I came to this realization: I am a woman. I can't reach my goals as men do. I have my own inner rhythm and a different psychology in terms of achieving success. My brain is wired differently and it is not designed the same as men's brain. 

I am not built up as a machine. I am not made to compete but to collaborate. I am a woman, I can only share my heart with the clients I serve. 

I am not designed to work 24/7 because my body is connected to the moon phases and I have moods. I need to move in my own rhythm and follow my body's wisdom. 

If I want to flourish, give my best, to reach my potential in life and business, I need to feel nurtured, I need to take my time, I need to feel at ease, I  need to be safe, I need to feel protected, I need space to breathe. I can't perform under pressure like men do but if my needs are being met I thrive, and I blossom.  

Running a business is not an easy thing, especially in a male-dominated environment. My mistake was that I adapted myself to the environment, forgetting about my own nature, and pretending I was something I was not instead of creating the proper environment for myself where I naturally thrive.

As female creative soul-driven entrepreneurs to reach success, we need to stay true to Who we really are, we need to follow our body wisdom, we need to follow our heart, we need to listen carefully to our intuition, we need to dive deep before raising strong.  

We need to heal ourselves, to release, to let go, to surrender, to step into the flow of life and we need to learn how to trust our intuition. 

You CAN design a business that matches perfectly Who you are and I am here to show you how. 

The methods in Soul Aligned Business are unique and effective and they can help you to:

  • understand the energetic architecture of your business and how your business is already interconnected with the clients you're meant to serve 
  • align all aspects of your business in a way that creates congruence and coherence  
  • gives you confidence because now you are ONE with your brand and this will make your marketing more efficient 
  • brings you clarity, accuracy, and precision and enables you to express comprehensively the core value of what you are selling in the market
  • operate from higher levels of consciousness and help you understand concepts like singularity and oneness that will increase the speed of your manifestation in business 

Location of the camp:

4**** Venue : David Resort (Rucăr, Argeș)

This luxurious venue combines stunning landscapes with breathtaking views, culinary delights and a warm and inviting ambiance to set the tone for an unforgettable retreat-like experience. Everything in this place creates the perfect environment that fosters inspiration and well being enhancing the overall training journey and creating a transformative environment.

Accommodation will be available in double or single rooms, each designed with a blend of comfort and style.

Meals are included in the price: breakfast, lunch and dinner (normal, vegetarian and vegan)

If you want: 

  • to feel that you have space to breathe, feel relaxed, and open yourself up for new creative ideas 
  • to feel connected to your business, your money, and your clients instead of disconnected from your business, money, and clients
  • to feel you have choices and options to do whatever you feel doing in your business instead of following somebody else's rules of success 
  • to feel supported and protected by your money instead of feeling worried and concerned all the time
  • to feel you have the energy to follow the inspired actions your heart is telling you to follow 

Ready to start your journey?

The price of the whole experience includes 7 nights of accommodation, 3 meals/day and profound, immersive, high-level training for 7 days. By pressing „Join the camp” button, you need to fill in the dates (name, email, telephone) so we can have a 15 minutes interview before proceeding with your registration. The payment will be made via transfer banking after we decide together that this is a good fit for both parties.

Normal price: 6500 RON

Limited time pricing: 5500 RON (by 15th of June 2024)