Seven restful, creative and inspiring days to set up any project.

David Resort. 10-17th of August 2018. Romania

The Seven Days ©

Imagine a beautiful and elegant place surrounded by mountains, amazing landscapes, green forests, enjoyable silence, spectacular views, delicious fresh food, lovely company, authentic conversations and a strong fresh air that will awaken your senses. This is the place that will wake up your soul and reconnect with your true creative nature. 

The Seven Days © is a concept created by Mahnaz Bhatti (UK) and Georgiana Vasilescu (Romania) with the help of experienced facilitators. The Seven Days is designed to take you away from the noise of your thoughts and daily routine. The Seven Days is a space for flow, love, clarity and connection that will take you out of your mind and get you into your heart.

 The purpose of The Seven Days is to create a space where people can calm their minds, feel love, connect with silence and beauty and let themselves guided by their inner wisdom. Initially, The Seven Days was a space for creators, people who wanted to: write a book, start a business, create a blog, develop a project, compose a song, create fashion...but The Seven Days is also for people who just need a break, slow down, relax and see what comes up.

 This is not a classic training or course, it is a space for creation, insights and transformation that will help you live in the moment, stay present and create from a deeper level.Your ideas will flow naturally and come to form in your unique way. 

If you want to write a book or start a business, or anything else, creating from this space will help you rise above the ordinary. Being original, authentic and genuine will automatically make you stand out.The Seven Days will help you define that expression and give it a name, a form, a shape, a structure and content.  

Dive into the magic world of creation and join us for The Seven Days. Places are limited, so we encourage you to book if you feel this is the right place for you to be this summer. You will experience a unique space as we invite people from our international communities. You will have 5 facilitators/coaches with a depth of experience who will hold the space for you to create as you may never have done before.

These Seven Days days will help you to:

  • Get in flow
  • Unleash creativity
  • Becoming aware of what stops you
  • Gain clarity
  • Get focused
  • Feel inspired
  • Live in the moment
  • Connect with your inner wisdom

Who is this for: 

Creators, writers, bloggers, trainers, coaches, poets, entrepreneurs, free lancers, artists, designers, singers, composers, marketers, copywriters, anyone who creates...or those who want to create but don't know how to do it yet.

  They say that the universe was created in six days and in the seventh was a day of rest.  

What could you create in six days, which will have a lasting effect on our world? Your legacy perhaps?  

The best ideas, best decisions and inspired actions come from a space of love, alignment and openness.

Have you ever felt like you never have the time to do the things that you're called to do in life: write that book, compose that song, design that dress, clarify that business plan, start that business, launch that blog, create that programme, structure that workshop/training/webinar. You fill your time with someones elses priorities and put your dreams on hold. If this is you, then this week is designed for you! 

If you don't know what to create, but you feel deep inside that you have something special within you that needs to be explored, we will support you in your exploration. 

We will begin with an introduction on how we work as humans, based on the 3 Principles by Sydney Banks.  

We will break our week up by visiting the incredible Transfagarasan, one of the most inspirational roads in Europe.

This is not a conventional training or retreat, just an organic, natural unfolding of conversations and one-to-one confidential coaching sessions. 

There is no advice, there are no tools or techinques and there are no gurus. 

Your Hosts will be your sponsors, cheer leaders and coaches. 

This is a safe space of innate wellbeing which will give you a chance to explore, unlock your creativity, face the unknown, tap into your wisdom and have authentic and open conversations. This is an open place for insights and revelations and realisations, profound understandings and breaking barriers. What happens during the week is organically created by the group.

There will be time for you to think, to gain clarity, to get focus, to get moving in your own organic and natural way! The problem is not that you don't know, or you don't have the experience, the problem is you don't offer yourself the time or the space to do it.  

The Venue: David Resort 4****

This place will host a space of love, authenticity and non-judgement that will help you to be open to what will unfold. This is the place to meet the real you: the creator, the inspired and genuine person that has something to say to the world. 

Unfold your talent, your gifts, your skills, your abilities, your ingenuity, your capabilities and your aptitudes and put them in the service of your dreams!

Local inspirational outings:

The Tea House

Mid week adventure on the Transfagarasan

Transfagarasan is considered one of the most impressive roads in Europe, it crosses the highest alpine unit in Romania. Transfagarasan reveals spectacular landscapes. Crossing it is a real challenge for drivers, combining the adrenaline caused by the numerous serpentines with the spectacular view that will unravel from reality.

The Seven Days 

Normal price: £1.000 (all inclusive)

Last Minute: £890,33 

Your Hosts:

Mahnaz is a Coach, Trainer, Facilitator and Business Owner.

She travels the world with trainings and seminars working with groups and individuals from all wallks of life. 

Georgiana is a Trainer, Coach, Marketing Specialist and Business Owner. She owns 3 companies which deliver personal and spiritual development/training. She hosted different events with trainers and world speakers in Romania.

Kimberley has been pointing people in the direction of their infinite potential for over 30 years. She is a writer, a transformative coach, a facilitator and workshop leader. She is the author of “Heart of Thriving”. Kim’s passion is to wake people up to what it takes to truly thrive as a human being. 

Shazia is an Entrepreneur and a Coach. 

Shazia has brought her worlds together to create and facilitate collective cultural intelligence programs combining Diversity and Inclusion and Unconscious bias.

Rebecca is a Coach who guides clients back towards their inner resilience and wellbeing.  

Since coming across the Three Principles in 2016 her coaching works now focusses on sharing this understanding with individuals and groups.  


The Seven Days begins on Friday (10th August, 2018) and ends on Friday (17th August, 2018). Participants travelling in from abroad will benefit from transport from the airport to the location of the event. They will be picked up at Henri Coanda Airport from Bucharest, at 4:00pm, so please book your flights in the morning. The distance from the airport to the venue is around 3 hours - so there will be a road trip. 

Dinner will be served at 7:30pm in the restaurant and after dinner there will be an introductory session.

On Wednesday we will have an outdoor day on Transfagarasan to Balea Lake. Transportation is included in the price.

Payment will be made to a UK account. Your reservation will be confirmed once payment is received. Afer registration we will confirm your attendance. 

We look forward to seeing you in august!

Normal price: £1.000 (all inclusive - except flights)

Last Minute: £890,33